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Tennis Program application

Please read the following important notes before starting your online application:

In order to complete your application, the following documents are required:

a. Completed Application Form,

b. Character Reference Letter from either previous / current school or previous / current tennis club or work, only 1 letter is required (Please provide writer’s name, position held, phone numbers, e-mail address and name of writer’s organisation in the letter),

c. A motivation letter from the applicant detailing (Applicable to Junior Tennis Academy):

  • The reason for the application
  • Their aspirations for the future
  • What they will do for the opportunity


d. Latest available school results

e. Certified Matric Certificate (If applying for Elite Training & Sports Management Program)

f. Certified ID copy (RSA residents) or Certified Passport copy (International students) to be submitted;

g. A tennis assessment Applicants please send your videos via WhatsApp to +27(0) 79 448 6690, for technical assessment purpose. 

Please see requirements for Video Analysis as follows: 

1. Forehand Groundstroke (Film from the front view)

2. Backhand Groundstroke: Either 1 handed or 2 handed (Film from side-on view)

3. Backhand Slice (Film from side-on view

4. Topspin Serve (Film from behind)

5. Flat Serve (Film from behind)

6. Slice Serve (Film from behind)


h. A copy of a Study Permit (only applicable when the applicant is a foreign student, who is not in possession of SA citizenship or permanent residency).

i. International students need to ensure they apply for a valid study permit in advance, before commencing studies at BSI.  BSI CAN NOT apply for study permits on behalf of any students.

j. Please note an additional once-off International Student Levy of ZAR9, 000 is payable by all international students,

k. Please note the international student levy is not applicable to South African passport holders or Permanent Residents. However if a South African passport holder applies with foreign qualification(s), then a fee of ZAR5, 000 for SAQA evaluation (1 submission application) will apply.

l. International students need to have medical / health cover to cover their whole study period in South Africa.

m. Note: BSI does not discriminate any person based on their race or ethnicity. The only reason you are required to complete questions related to race or ethnicity is that it is mandatory for statistical purposes of SA citizenship, as well as for records with the Department of Education (Applicable to Sports Management Program only).

Application, Enrolment & Registration Procedure:

n. An Interview & Tennis Video Assessment to be conducted (ZAR750 non-refundable application, interview & assessment fee payable on application submission).

o. An application received without the R750 application fee will NOT be processed. Please send payment proof of R750 to info@bsisports.com along with your application form and supporting documents.

p. You can make payment for the R750 application fee via one of the following payment methods:

Online payment

Online payment can be made at the end of this online application.

EFT payment into the BSI bank account

  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Acc. Name: Balderstone Sports Institute
  • Acc. No. 422 068 187
  • Uni. Branch Code: 051-001
  • International Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
  • Amount: R750
  • Payment Ref: Student Name & Surname


q. A Placement Offer is issued to the student by BSI once it is confirmed that the application is successful.

r. A refundable deposit (please refer to the pricing information section on the program brochure) is to be received by BSI to secure the student’s place (Applicable to Junior Tennis Academy).

s. A non-refundable ZAR10, 000 initial payment is to be received by BSI to secure the student’s place (Applicable to all College programs).

t. A Letter of Acceptance is issued to the student.

u. A Program Agreement, Code of Conduct, Drug & Alcohol Policy to be signed by the student and parents / legal guardians and returned with a certified copy of the student’s ID & Matric certificate (If applicable). 

This application form & supporting documents can be e-mailed to the following address:


E-mail: info@bsisports.com



Visit BSI website for more information:



NB: Please note information provided below is strictly confidential and will only be used for BSI enrolment & administration purposes.